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Overview of HHU Business School

The teaching at the Business School of Hohai University can be traced back to the establishment of the Hohai Engineering School in 1915. In 1927 the school was renamed as Hohai Engineering University with specializations in business subjects. In 1979 business teaching was resumed and its name was changed to the East China School of Hydraulic Engineering. By 1983 a stream specializing in Project Management was established, making it one of the earliest universities to teach business subjects in China.

Hohai University's Business School sees "pursuing global knowledge and becoming business elites" as its mission. The school, together with the faculty and students, has been dedicating to growth and innovation by adopting a development model that incorporates education, research, advisory and training. Within this, good innovation along with students and teachers working together has successfully turned the school into one of the top business schools that integrates the three mainstream disciplines of business administration, management science and engineering and applied economics. The establishment of the Post Doctorate R &D Base has increased the school's capability of cultivating a wide variety of degree options at the doctorate, masters (including MBA and Master of Engineering) and bachelor levels, as well as conducting cutting edge scientific research and providing social services.

The school has seven departments specializing in business, management and human resources, marketing, finance, accounting, management science and information management, engineering economics and management, economics and international trade. In addition, there are 21 research institutes specializing in hydraulic economics, strategic management, investment, environmental accounting and asset management, intellectual property, technical innovation and economic development, management science, project management, planning and decision-making, human resource, industrial economics, project management informatization, international project and management, Japanese and South Korean enterprises, engineering philosophy and management, infrastructure investment and financing, technical economics, oriental management, yacht management, hydraulic management and innovation, marketing behaviorFurther, there are more than 20 vocational educational and social service agencies, including: MBA education center, master of engineering education center, international education center, senior management training and consulting center, as well as education bases located in major cities of the Yangze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region.

Up until September 2011, the school has 189 full-time faculty members, including 118 teaching staff. Among these, there are 25 senior lecturers and 40 associate lecturers. Half of the lecturers have degrees from outside the university and the lecturers who have doctoral degrees occupy 63.6. The school has a total of 4976 students, including 581 doctoral students, 572 postgraduate students, 1961 part-time graduate students ---1169 MBA students, 726 students of Master of Engineering (Graduate Candidate Test), 35 candidates pursuing master degrees of university teachers, 31 international students and 1862 undergraduate students.

The school has a complete professional discipline system, including two postdoctoral research stations: business administration, management science and engineeringtwo first level doctorate stations: management science and engineering, business administration, four first level master stations: management science and engineering, business management, applied economics, theoretical economics, and one second level master station. Furthermore, it has 9 professional disciplines of Master of Business Administration (MBA), project management, logistics engineering, industrial engineering, MPAcc, asset assessment, project management, international business, and finance. There are three major undergraduate degrees of business administration, management science and project, and applied economics and 16 subject areas. Within these, technological economics and management is the national key cultivating discipline in Jiangsu Province, Hydraulic Ministry; Business Administration is the key discipline of first level subjects in Jiangsu province; Project Engineering and Management is awarded as key discipline in Jiangsu Province. "Jiangsu Regional Development and Strategic Water Research Center" is Jiangsu Province's key Philosophical and Social Science Research Base (2007). The national key laboratory of "Hydrological, Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering Science" (water economics and management area) passed the National Qualification Acceptance (2008).

The students' quality of our school has been improved constantly in recent years, and makes wide impact internal and external of the university. Our student team got golden prize in 5th "Challenge Cup" for the contest of the Chinese college students business plan in 2006; 8 players got first and second prize on single, double and team event respectively in national aerobic competition in 2008; In 2009, the students of our school got the first prize in the Energy-saving and Emission-reducing Social Practice and Science and Technology Contest for national college students. Besides, nearly 20 students have continuously got the special and first award in the NELLS. Groups for summer social practice have been honored by Publicity Department of Jiangsu Committeethe Committee of the Communist Youth Leaguethe Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province, and other sectors for many times. In 2010, the entrepreneurial team of our school won the copper prize in the 7th "Challenge Cup" for the national college student business plans. The athletes of our school have continuously won the championship for several years in the sports events of Hohai University.

While training many types and different levels of talents, the school has achieved great success in scientific research. During the recent three years, the school has spent 46 million Yuan on all types of research, especially more than 20 million Yuan in 2010; It has received three of the National Natural Science Funds, six of the National Social Science Funds, and seven of Science Funds of the Education Ministry's; The school has published 34 monographs, more than 800 papers, including more than 60 EI, SCI and ISTP papers and more than 350 CSSCI papers. It has been granted 10 awards at the provincial and higher level.

In the national first level Discipline Assessment, the discipline of Business Administration of our School was ranked the 14th nationally (2003). The discipline of Applied Economics of the school was ranked the 19th (2004) and the discipline of Management Science and Engineering was ranked the 16th (2006).

Aims at being an "internationalized, high level, mainstream, distinctive" business school, we are speeding up the pace with the international standard. Our school has started the work on the accreditation of AACSBEQUISAMBA and PMP, and has become one of formal members of the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business International (AACSB) in June 2011. The business school of Hohai university has advanced hardware facilities and research conditions. The total of new office building has a capacity of 37800 square meters with a main building of 26000 square meters facilitated with central air conditioning. Each of the faculty has a separated office with 16 square meters. Moreover, there are 11000 square meters area for research institutes and labs, 7800 square meters for teaching area. The documentation center of our school occupies 2300 square meters, and 1100 square meters is utilized as reading area. There are more than 300 thousands academic books inside of it.

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