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The MBA education center has its own independent website, with its content divided into MBA Overview, MBA Admissions, Student Activities, Career Development, Educational Administration, and International Cooperation. The Educational Administration part is divided into six modules of student management, tuition management, teaching management, thesis management, community activities, and information resources. The main functions of each module are as follows:

1. Student management module: to facilitate the students to update their own personal information timely;

2. The tuition management module: to view the standard of the total tuition and annual paid tuition;

3. Teaching management module: to select courses online, to check the selected courses of the current semester, to   do course evaluation, and to inquire results of the courses taken;

4. Thesis management module: mainly used for the supervisor selection and the ultimate supervisor review;

5. Club activities module: used for registration and feedback of student activities;

6. Information resource module: to download teaching-related information (curriculum schedule, teaching materials, class separating list, training plan, etc), to upload the courseware to information resources, and to download the required courseware or other materials from the resource center.

The MBA students¡¯ management is ¡°one person, one account¡±, and each student can log in the MBA Academic Management System through their own account and password.


The school provides 18 special classrooms for the MBA students in the Wentian building of the main campus and the Boxue building of the Jiangning campus. Among them, there are eight 40-seat classrooms, three 60-seat classrooms, three 71-seat classrooms, four 90-seat or more classrooms. All the classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors, acoustics, wireless microphones, air conditionings, etc.

Case seminar rooms

     The school offers 7 open case discussion rooms in the main building of the Boxue building, namely Room 438, Room 538, Room 638, Room 738, Room 838, Room 1038, and Room 1138. The MBA students can have their extra-curricular case discussion and academic seminar at any time.


HHU Libraries have a total floor space of about 41,000 square meters with another 1,000 square meters for the reference room, and the average floor space per student is 1.76 square meters. The library of the Business School has a floor space of 900 square meters, equipped with ¡°Huiwen System¡± for high-education library information management, and provides the wireless network services.

     The libraries contain more than 1,900,000 volumes of the paper documents, including 1,800,000 volumes of books in Chinese or Foreign language, 127,000 volumes of national and international periodicals, and 2,000 kinds of current periodicals. The average number of the paper documents per student is about 65 volumes. During the latest three years, the average number of new books per student is increasing at a rate of 6 volumes per year. The library collections in economic management include 140865 volumes of Chinese books in 27,580 kinds, 2417 volumes of foreign language books in 1104 kinds, 3920 volumes of national periodicals in 374 kinds, 594 volumes of international periodicals in 45 kinds, 115 kinds of Chinese current periodicals, and 17 kinds of foreign language current periodicals. The libraries contain 39 kinds of net database and CD database, including more than 700,000 volumes of E-books, 80,000 kinds of E-periodicals (30,000 of which are full-text E-periodicals) and 30 kinds of average E-literature per student. The average number of the paper documents and E-literature per student is about 95 volumes. Besides, the libraries also collect many famous databases and other E-literature databases with industry characteristics at home and abroad, such as Science Direct, IEEE/IET Electronic, SpingLink, Ebsco: host, APA database, PQDD, EI, CNKI, VIP, Wanfang data, and other E-book collections in  superstar digital library, scholars¡¯ home, apabi digital resources, water conservancy ancient collections digital literature and so on.

     The higher education in Hohai University is ¡°based on water resources¡± and excellent in engineering. At the same time, the school attaches great importance to the business education. The library of the Business School has a collection of over 26,000 volumes about economic management, 186 kinds of periodicals, 34 kinds of newspapers, including 147 kinds of foreign language books and 28 kinds of foreign language periodicals as the beneficial supplement with the business education.

Case Center

The case center can be traced back to 2004 as the department of case teaching and research in the MBA education center. The main function was to organize a case working group founded by outstanding teachers in case development and teaching (such as Wang Qun, Qian Xuchao, Liu Rong and so on), to carry out the case teaching discussion based on courses and to observe and learn. The case center was established in December 2010. By the end of 2011, it have collected a total of 114 documented cases, including 19 big cases with case instructions attached to them, 42 small cases, and 53 case collections.

Management Experimental Center

The economy and management experimental center was established in 1994 and had 8 laboratories: enterprise simulation comprehensive laboratory, trade business comprehensive laboratory, enterprise talent quality evaluation laboratory, financial integrated service laboratory, enterprise information plant, sandbox combat exercise room, business administration exercise room, and the competition hall. The experimental center has a total floor space of 1,000 square meters and is equipped with 15 experimental dedicated servers and 160 student¡¯s computers, offering 30 experimental courses and 152 experimental projects. The main experimental courses include: BOSS, business management, portfolio investments, electronic finance, and project management, bank simulation, multimedia, database, psychological assessment, and e-commerce, etc.

Management Behavior Laboratory

With the support of advantaged disciplines platform of Hohai University and the demand of Marketing Science and Management Science of the school, the Management Behavior Laboratory was build in November 2010, and formally put into service in December 2011. The laboratory was set up in Room A309 in the auxiliary building of the Boxue Building in the Jiangning campus supported by the eye movement laboratory and the behavior observation laboratory. The eye movement laboratory is equipped with HED headsets with eye movement, the RED interface RED desktop eye tracker interface instrument system, Experiment Suite 360¡ã - Professional and BeGaze3.0 data analysis system, and so on. The Behavior Observation Laboratory is equipped with the Observer XT 10.0 behavioral observation analysis software, single glass, a dome camera, four gun cameras, ceiling pickups, mobile pickups, the main control room and the observed room.

Competitive Intelligence Laboratory

The competitive intelligence disciplines and strategic management disciplines are important directions for the development of HHU School Business. Traditionally, the teaching and scientific research of intelligence disciplines lacked a platform to practice, which made it difficult to closely integrate the teaching and research work with practice. Laboratory building, on the one hand, can directly expose the competitive intelligence system and software to teachers and students and allow them to grasp its use; on the other hand, promotes the interaction between teachers, students and enterprises, and thus provides intelligence research services for the actual needs of enterprises. In this context, after years of preparation the competitive intelligence laboratory began its construction in December 2011, and was initially established in March 2012. The laboratory competitive intelligence software and database have been able to provide information monitoring and analysis services.

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