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As a public organization for HHU MBA students, the Association is an epitome of the HHU’s spiritual outlook as well as a flag on behalf of all the MBA students. The Association focuses on unity and cohesion internally and promotes communications on the platform of cooperation we set up so as to show the strength of the MBA education and build the brand of HHU MBA education.

Responsibilities of Departments of MBA Association


They are responsible for daily affairs of MBA Association, arranging and organizing the presidium conferences and activities of the staff of the MBA Association.

Department of Public Relations

The department is in charge of fund-collection for the MBA Association activitiesplanning and organizing communication activities with students or teaching stuff from others colleges and teaching bases in other cities.

Learning Department

The department assists in organizing activities like holding lectures on specific topic, seminars and social practice activities and conducting projects of international cooperation and exchanges as well as various leaning activities for the MBA students.

Propaganda Department

It is responsible for publicizing MBA of Hohai University with effective channels to raise the popularity and reputation of MBA of Hohai University. It is also their responsibilities to build and maintain relations with the media, report and submit articles about activities of MBA and the MBA Association as well as publish periodical and bulletin.

Department of CultureSports and Recreation

Organize cultural, sports and recreational activities for the MBA students and actively exchange with other universities and leaning bases.

Alumni Department

The department is responsible for maintaining, sorting out and updating alumni records and integrating alumni resources. The members build and maintain the network platform of the Alumni Association, send electronic bulletin and periodical regularly and hold alumni parties to keep them closely contacted with each other.

Department of Career Development

The department is engaged in instructing career development of the students, running career development forum and providing assistance for school in organizing competition concerned beginning an undertaking. Enhancing wide relation with various circles of society, especially with the business circles to provide employment information, consultative and planning service falls into their responsibilities.

In order to carry out the work more effectively and further fully play the advantages of all the departments through harmonious cooperation, a management mode lead and guided by the presidium that the heads of department have overall responsibility for the departments with vice president sharing part responsibilities is adopted. 

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