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The MBA project of HHU started from 2003, was among the 5th batch of the MBA education units approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. The project aims to cultivate the talents with an international view and a sense of responsibility and innovation spirit proficient in modern economic management and techniques.

The MBA education has been taking preciseness and practicability as its principal since its establishment and has achieved enormous progress. By the end of December.2011, the accumulated enrollment of MBA education has reached 1767 students with 567 undergraduates. At present, the project on the basis of HHU and the traditional disciplinary advantages of the Business School, gradually formed two special patterns: water management and yacht management.

The internationalism of the MBA project continues to prosper, since its establishment, 31 professors have been sent to top Business schools in North America for visits and exchanges. Moreover, we have built the cooperation and exchange relations with 10 Business schools at aboard, enrolling overseas students for the sake of study and exchanges.

In 2009, the project was approved by the National College MBA Teaching Evaluation which was held by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the result was qualified (note: there are only two results, qualified and unqualified). In addition, the MBA program of HHU was ever ranked the 4th in the list of 30 Chinas MBA projects with the most development potential in 2008, thus evidently reflecting our influence in the market.
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