MBA Program
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  Vision,Mission and Values
Programme features:
1. Emphasize on cultivating students¡¯ international perspective.
The Business School focuses on training leaders with international perspective and strategic vision. HHU MBA trains students through not only introducing foreign teachers and adopting English textbooks and teaching in English, but also sending the MBA students abroad for study and research as a way to widen the international perspective. Meanwhile, HHU MBA also recruits quite many exchange students from overseas. In this way, HHU introduced the excellent selective courses and outstanding students from the overseas business schools and greatly enriched the diversity of the MBA courses and students.

2. Flexible and effective teaching methods.
Course teaching in HHU emphasizes on student participation, practice and multi-directional thinking. While adopting various means to promote the case teaching, we should also explore more effective teaching methods to suit different needs of courses, such as: arranging self-study textbooks and materials, conducting topic researches in library, doing researches in enterprises and writing reports, site visits, role-playing, simulation competitions, etc.

3. Teaching Quality Guarantee System under whole-course Supervision and Direction.
To guarantee the teaching quality, an teaching quality supervision and direction group was setup to examine the teaching quality, make students' problems and advice on teaching heard and rectify and improve according to the feedback through teachers and students filling the questionnaire or specialists visiting the classes and other approaches. Students' satisfaction degree of all courses has reached 93% in the recent 3 years.

4. Focus on experiential teaching.
Business School of HHU has practice bases in Southern Jiangsu, Northern Jiangsu, Central Jiangsu, Southern Anhui and Pearl River Delta. It also jointly established regional development research center with over ten cities and regions in the Yangtze River Delta and the Nanjing economic circle as well as built steady and long-term cooperation with some outstanding local enterprises. HHU MBA makes full use of the platform to improve the experiential teaching and apply it into practice that enables the students to use and check the learning results through practical case discussions and researches; provide the students with access to science researches, consulting and training activities of the Business School of HHU and improve their operational abilities through practice.

5. Establish a platform for self-performance and provide students with people-oriented services. 
In accordance with the features of adult learning, HHU MBA encourages self-learning and self-encouragement. Students could communicate with each other by means of Party branch, class committee, Alumni association and other professional associations. Moreover, we support students in the participation of the GMC contest, the Harvard case contest, the BUSIMU contest and encourage them to hold English corner, financial salon, marketing salon by them own to promote their management and organization skills.

6. The overall management of career development.
Under the principle of students needs, student services, satisfaction with the students, the programme constructed the framework of the overall management of career development. At the beginning of a new semester, we ask experts to do occupational test for our students, thus their potential could be discovered timely,  consciousness stimulated, career plan supervised, career target rectified. In the course of professional study, the programme will arrange experts and career tutors to give lectures of career development and salons, organize students to take part into practice that on the basis of a clear route of growth, students could study accordingly. And at the eve of graduation, we will offer you occupational consultation and employment tutorship, widely opening an employment road for our graduates. While after graduation, the graduates are accessible to the network platform of HHU MBA Career Development, performing your talent, searching employment information, learning relevant theories to smooth your career development.
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