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  MBA Management Team

n        Director of MBA Center :Feng Jingchun



n        Executive Director of MBA Center :Li Jie

    Tel 025-58099229


n        Deputy Director of MBA Center: Lu Qingchun

    Tel 025-58099229


n        Department engaged in teaching managementadministrative management including course arrangementteachers arrangement and management

    Contact Zhao XiaZhao PeipeiQiu FanPan Bo

    Tel 025-58099218025-58099217


n        Department engaged in management of students activities and student affairs(including students status, students activities and students records)

    Contact Li Likun,Xu Tao

    Tel 025-58099218025-58099217


n        Admissions Office

    Contact Lu Suhai, Shen Ling, Li Jiang, Song Wei

    Tel 025-83787455

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Tel:025-83787455 83787456 58099217   National unification advisory telephone:4008869880
Fox:025-83733015   ADD:#8 West Focheng Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China