MBA Program
  MBA Management Team
  Vision,Mission and Values
  Vision,Mission and Values

 l          Obligation: To train management elites.

To train management elites with great qualities, virtues and competence

l          Strategies: To endue abilities, temper their willpower and cultivate ambition.

To foster capacity of decision-making and practical operation, strong and aggressive willpower and ambition of pursuit of excellence and making a difference.

l          Values: Throughout understanding, breakthrough and surpass.

Throughoutly understanding the disciplines, seek truth from the facts, make progress and breakout in accordance with disciplines and surpass themselves.

l          Characteristics: To show dignity of Hohai University and display style of elites.

To show the virtue of HHU that rivers bring up life and oceans embrace all rivers; display elites' style of fulfilling social responsibilities, enhancing innovation consciousness and pragmatically keeping forging ahead in line with scrupulous study of the century-old honored university and tradition of Hohai University that people should aim high, prepare for future and apply knowledge into practice.

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