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Opening ceremony & Entrance Orientation training for the 2012 fall semester MBA students
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September 2nd, Hohai University held the opening ceremony for the 2012 graduate students. Dr. Zhu Tuo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Dr. Wang Cheng, President of Hohai University and the graduate school, Dr. Wang Wenke, our honored guest as well as the director of the Bureau of Comprehensive Development Ministry of Water Resources, Dr. Ju Ping, Vice President of Hohai University, Dr. Chen Dekui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Dr. Zhu Yaolong, Vice President of Hohai University, Dr. Wang Jigan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Dr. Li Naifu, Vice President of Hohai University, and Dr. Xu Weiya, Vice President of Hohai University, attended the ceremony. The Vice President Zhu Yaolong host the ceremony and Yao Weiming, the Executive Vice President of the Graduate School, introduced the leaders and distinguished guests present. Deans of different colleges and departments participated in the ceremony together with 3,000 graduates.

On behalf of Hohai University, President Wang Cheng extended heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to the new graduates. He hoped that all students could learn from the older generation like famous academician Yan Kai and other scholars, inherit the glorious tradition of Hohai University, carry forward the excellent ethos, and strive to forge ahead; that all students should establish good science morals and learning style, become a righteous man before a wise man, resolutely resist unhealthy practices in academic study, strictly follow the academic norms, and develop good learning habits; that all students could make good use of the quality resources, build a solid base of innovative knowledge, strengthen independent thinking and critical thinking, strive to explore and innovate, and become a creative talent of “courageous, outstanding, and surprising”.

After the ceremony, HHU Business School held an entrance education for the 2012 fall semester graduates. Secretary He Shushan gave a speech to extend warm welcome to the 2012 new graduates and introduced the history of HHU Business School. He concluded his speech with a sincere hope for the new MBA students that they would realize their dream in this big family. Li Jie, the executive director of the MBA center, gave the entrance education, introduced the detail background of the School and the future study, and laid a good foundation for their study and life in future.

Subsequently, Wang Jinpeng, the Vice President as well as the Secretary-General of HHU MBA Association, and Wang Pan, a representative of the 2012 new graduates, gave their speeches respectively. Wang Jinpeng shared his study and growing in HHU MBA for the past year, explained the work and duties of the MBA Association, and looked forward to welcoming new members of the Association and jointly building a bridge of exchanges and communication. Wang Pan mentioned that it was a hard-earned opportunity for a worker getting back to the classroom, and hoped to build a brighter future with many friends here in this beautiful campus of Hohai.

The day before the opening ceremony, the MBA center arranged specially Entrance Orientation Training for the new graduates, breaking the strangeness and promoting the communication among them.

The theme for this Entrance Orientation Training is “Competition in the Sea of Business”. Firstly students were grouped into 11 companies. The Training proceeded along the 4 kinds of consciousness of the enterprise evolution step by step, presented the operation results through the data from all projects of team construction, showed the direct and impressive impact, and thus raised their deep insights. The Orientation broke the traditional form and tried to be innovative, not only to test the team spirit and leadership of the new MBA students, but more on training their practical ability and innovative ability.

In the closing ceremony of that night, the wonderful review of the Orientation became another climax. Pictures of group activities and smiling faces brought with the most memorable moments of the Orientation. At that moment, friendship was gradually nourished and the moment of touching kept in the deepest memory forever. The last flashed picture is Min Jie, who was celebrating her birthday that day. All singing the birthday song to her, Min Jie blew off the candles and wished her cherished desire. In the coming days, we believe all MBA students will have their wonderful moments every day.

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