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Oath of Hohai’s MBA Students
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On the occasion of studying in Hohai University,

I make the solemn commitment of application for industry and commerce, and care and love foremost. 


I am thirsting for knowledge,

Because any undertaking is based on the knowledge inherited from generation to generation; 

Therefore, I guarantee the unremitting study and exploration,

And serve the employer with knowledge and philosophy. 


I am respecting the laws,

Because any development conforms to the irrefutable laws;

Therefore, I guarantee the respect about science and fact,

And integrate into the society with effort and devotion.


I am advocating action,

Because any achievement comes from the actions accumulated over a long period;

Therefore, I guarantee diligent in practice and innovation,

And construct the cause with sweat and intelligence.


I am pursuing integrity,

Because any well-being stems from the sincere integrity;

Therefore, I guarantee the adherence to honesty and conscience,

And sublime the moral character with persistence and hard work.


I am willing to guarantee the fulfillment of my commitments,

With my personality and the reputation of Hohai MBA.

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