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Memorabilia of MBA Project in Eleven Years (2003-2014)
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 In 2003

²  With the approval of the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of State Council, Hohai University became one of the 25 MBA education pilot colleges and universities in the fifth batch in China and started to run MBA project. At the establishment of the project, Mr. Zhang Yuan as the dean of the Business School should take the direct responsibility; MBA Education Center had three employees including the director, external affairs commissioner, and internal affairs commissioner. The main job is the recruitment in small scale and the exploration of training mode.

In 2004

²  Guided by the strategic path of internationalization, the Business School made the investment of RMB 2.00 million Yuan in order to introduce the teachers with the background of overseas study and transport the teachers of Hohai University to study in the foreign countries;

²  The project of enterprise practice course under MBA project was initiated. 

In 2005

²  As the first MBA study and research project, “MBA training class for hospital directors” was completed successfully.

In 2006

²  The number of enrolled students increased from less than 100 to more than 140;

²  MBA Union was formally founded.

²  As the autonomic organization of Hohai University’s MBA students, MBA Union was formally founded;

In 2007

²  The schooling scale was expanded; an additional assistant dean in charge of MBA was appointed to take the responsibility for construction of the education base market development system;

²  The press conference named “Absorbing Culture of Longcheng, Cultivating Business Elites” was held in Changzhou, declaring the students recruitment in the campus in Changzhou; 

²  The MBA project of Hohai University offered the Sino-foreign cross-cultural course.  

In 2008

²  The MBA project of Hohai University was honored the title of MBA with highest development potential and with highest influence;

²  Three major forums including “Situation Forum”, “Entrepreneur Forum” and “Scholar Theory Road” with features of Hohai University’s MBA were set up. Such three major forums reflect the practical education of MBA and receive the high appraisal from the students;

²  The first MBA charity and welcome party for the new students themed by “social responsibility” was held, indicating the beginning of the standardization and normalization of various MBA activities;

²  The first revision to the training program was made according to the new needs for cultivation, so that the training program pays more attentions to the application oriented teaching, practical operation, and training on soft skill;

²  MBA students started to attend the nationwide management competitions, and won the bronze prize (Third prize) in China Region in national GMC competition, and the instructor was awarded the title of “Excellent Instructor”;

²  Two graduates were awarded the fifth session of MBA achievement prizes;

²  One teacher was awarded the MBA “outstanding teaching prize”;

²  The third work exchange meeting for the fifth and sixth MBA cultivation colleges and universities was held in Hohai University.

In 2009

²  Hohai University successfully passed the MBA education qualification assessment organized by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of State Council and National MBA Education Supervisory Committee;

²  The MBA project “Thousand, Hundred, Dozen” plan was initiated and highly appraised by the MBA Education Supervisory Committee of State Education Commission. 

²  More than 300 students were enrolled in the year and in the following years;

²  The preparatory group was formally established for AMBA international certification of the Business School of Hohai University, and then the director of the MBA Education Center acted as the leader of the preparatory group;

²  The MBA Alumni Association of Hohai University was established.

²  Hohai University cooperated with USA University of Alabama in the double degree cultivation project.

In 2010

²  In order to satisfy the needs for cultivation of the new talents with professional capability, the financial MBA project, electrical power MBA project, and water conservancy MBA project were set up. Such projects emphasize particularly on the curriculum offering for specialties, and the students were recruited specially from different industries; 

²  The Business School adopted the three-dimensional governance structure including the “planning and design, implementation and execution, supervision and assessment”, in order to integrate the resources of the university, school, and department (institute and office) and various external resources into the MBA project effectively. For MBA project, the three-level management structure including Hohai University, Business School, and MBA Education Center;

²  The case base center was established to coordinate MBA project in the combination of case study and case teaching, and to fund the teachers to participate in the training and discussion on such case teaching. 2 teaching cases of the Business School were selected into “100 excellent teaching cases” of national MBA colleges and universities;

²  The Business School established the international certification office specially to start the preparatory works for the certification materials.

²  The first batch of MBA students went to USA for short-term learning tour;

In 2011

²  The second revision to the training program was made to add the provision of specialty course and elective course, lay the stress on the combination of theory and practice, and the integration of localization and internationalization; 

²  Hohai University became the first university offering the yacht management specialty in China;

²  Hohai University participated in the first China MBA Yellow River Rafting Competition and won the runner-up; 

²  On the 12th MBA Development Forum, two MBA students were honored the title of “China Top 100 MBA Rookies”, and one student was honored the title of “Top 10 Leaders of Business Schools in China”.

In 2012

²  MBA was stepping into the era in pursuit of excellent quality and brand. The Business School rebuilt the structure of MBA project to embody the spirit and tradition of the technological and engineering universities, and also to promote the sustainable growth of MBA project;

²  Hohai University’s MBA represented China for the first time to participate in the international competition, and won the winning prize in Thailand Bangkok New Business Challenge. 

²  The management consultation and entrepreneurship management were added to the MBA course specialty; 

²  The practical courses for business experience for MBA students were offered, including the red wine tasting, tea art appreciation, sailboard appreciation, horsemanship experience, and golf;

²  The AMBA certification was initiated. 

In 2013

²  Hohai University’s MBA represented China for the first time to participate in the international competition; 

²  The practical training base for MBA venture capital investment and the practical training base for management consultation were established;

²  The third revision to the training program was made.

In 2014

²  The prerequisite courses such as MBA Added Value Method, Make Your PPT Talking, EXCEL High-Level Skills, and Business Etiquette and Image; 

²  The post of study consultant was set; 

²  The mobile phone APP system was initiated; 

²  The new branded salon activity, i.e. M big name salon, was launched; 

²  Five students were awarded the title of top 100 rookies; 

²  MBA project of the Business School joined MBA Emerging Alliance;

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